Sunday, December 6, 2009

Vintage Postcard

OK, obviously I lost it with this blog, not posting for quite some time. Not really a loss of interest or anything like that, not sure why but I haven't abandoned the idea. This is a postcard that came with an old photo album I bought recently. Unfortunately no information on or with it about the subjects.

There was another that I will post soon, interior view of this store or another, not sure. In the future I will likely mix things up a bit, photos, ( the original idea of the blog) but also the vintage ads and illustrations from the old magazines I collect here and there. I wont change the name of the blog but the ads are likely to be more numerous as I just have more of them. Hoping that if people look here now and then they will be happy with this, that the whole idea of course, to share with those of similar interests.