Friday, July 31, 2009


Two photos, the trucks and making the jump since they were in the same album, the inside of the frisbies plant. The Frisbie bakery was aparently the incentive for the little plastic frisbies people like to throw. According to different sources from Google world, Frisbie pies were sold in college towns and the kids found that the pans they came in were neat to toss. Of course eventually some brighter then most of us kid found a way to make a fortune out of it.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

USS Seattle

Three pictures here circa 1920 of the USS seattle at an unknown location. At that time the Seattle was the flagship of the Chief Admiral of the US Navy. These pictures come from a family album.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bryant Washburns latest

A young man standing out between some theater ads for a Bryant Washburn film. I can't make it out but it is The Golden .... Closest thing I find is The Golden Idiot which Washburn starred in during 1917. Most pictures with this were from 1920 -22 but it could be out of place or a reshowing. Washburn was a prolific actor, more then 300 films to his credit. Not the best picture and first thought maybe it was the actor himself but have decided not, too young it would seem, just a fan I guess.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Manitou and Pikes Peak Ry

From an album I got recently, the Manitou Pikes Peak Ry. This railroad is still in operation although the looks of the equipment have changed of course, this was 1920 to 1922 based on dates given other photos in the album. They use a special kind of gear called a cog railway, not sure what all it is but there is a third rail which helps climb the steep grades. It was the same then although steam is no longer used as pictured here.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bust or not to Bust

Not the best of scans, again from the 1900 Metropolitan magazine. I really like this, not sure if they planned the placement of these ads but they must have. On top is of course for those ladies not blessed? with an abundant bust, sure to improve thier fortune if they will only buy what these folks are selling. Under that though is the downside of the first, would it make women thing twice about increasing thier size? Clearly if they do they will have to purchase this back brace after carrying thier new self around for any length of time. Might as well get both at the same time girls.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Denver and Chicago

The Denver photo here is from an album I recently bought, marked on the back "one of the main throurghofares of Denver" The date is 07/20/20 but it doesn't say what exact street it is. A little research might help with the business name that is readable but I haven't done so yet.

The other is from a book I have had for awhile, pretty bad shape, no covers but the pictures are all ok. It is from Rand McNally with a last copyright date of 1907 and is titled "one Hundred Twenty Five photographic Views of Chicago"


Friday, July 17, 2009


Second post today so don't miss the one under this. Here just a cute picture of a man who looks to me like he is popping the big question. From the look on the lady I would say the answear is yes. Too late to warn either of them, hope they had a good life together.

Metropolitan Back Cover 1900

Should have a couple of posts today if the upload goes quickly enough. Kind of make up for days I haven't got to it lately. This one is the back cover from the August 1990 issue of Metropolitan Magazine. The copy I have is in nice condition and a very interesting magazine, includes a lot of photos for the year and ads. There is an article by Col. William F Cody on "Riders of the World" and another about how New York City was dealing with the homeless and destitute of that era.

I will scan a few other ads and pics if I can do so without harming the magazine. This scan was easy as its a small mag and being the back cover I didn't have to hold it open. I like the Smith and Wesson ad myself although the garters are interesting also. Do men wear garters anymore? I have seen a few that should be I know, socks dangling around the ankle but don't remember seeing them on sale anywhere.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Telephone Ad

Another ad from 1910, again from Theater Magazine. I would like to have been the ad man for American Telephone if I was around then. They seem to have had a different ad every month which of course meant a steady paycheck for the guy who had to come up with them. I mentioned these came from a bound volume of that year I bought that is in bad condition. I'm looking through some from later years to see what I can safely scan as the ads from the twenties are more colorful and to me more interesting, especially the car ads.

Looking at this one I wonder what a brilliant guy like Alexander would think if he saw what we have today, all the cell phones etc. Maybe in his dreams he had imagined things like that?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Chicago 1908

I have to start with an apology. I recently purchased the glass negative from which this image was made so it is mine now but partly from being lazy and partly not to handle the neg anymore then needed I am using the scan from the seller, Marianne . I am doing so without asking first but rationalized that I did buy the negative and hope she does not mind. If you do Marianne I will remove this and replace it with a scan of my own. As long as I have mentioned her I will say if you are in the market for old photos watch for ClancysClassics on Ebay. She most often has a fine selection of vintage photos that cover just about any interest.
I have a few glass negatives and at least the ones I have are all very sharp and capable of producing great images. I imagine that those that have survived were the better of those that existed so were stored with great care. They scare me as I tend to be disorganized and have broken one from not storing it with great care. It hurts more to know I ruined something that lasted a hundred years before I got my hands on it then the loss itself. Anyhow, thought this was a great image and wanted to share it.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Once again an ad from a magazine instead of the usual snapshot. Again, not to worry, I am not out of snapshots to post but find this interesting and hope that others will also. If I could find these Victrola's in new condition at those prices I sure would buy a few. The magazine was a 1910 issue of Theatre though so I suppose the sale is over by now. I'm not really interested that much in Theatre but when I can find an issue at a decent price I get it as the pictures are great. Nice shots of vintage actors, fashions and in the later (1920's) issues great car pictures and ads. I wouldn't destroy a magazine to get the ad but have some that are coming apart at the seams so it's easy to get a page out.