Monday, September 28, 2009

1896 Cabinet

This is a cabinet photo taken in Chicago in the year 1896. There is a name on the back but it's hard to read. The first name is Pearl which was the name of one of my teachers in high school. One day when she had come into the class a little late I greeted her by saying too loudly "Hello Pearl" ( I thought I was funny then for some reason) All I remember is her grabbing my ear and taking me to the vice principal who was a very large man with one arm. He thumped me soundly in the chest with a big stubby finger while he explained to me how I wasn't funny at all. I get it now of course but I don't think I did then. Not sure why I share this other then I have to wait for this to upload for the post. I do feel sorry for the teachers I probably made things a little more difficult for then they should have had to deal with.
This lady is attractive and I do like her fashion sense.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

International Harvester

I don't know the location of this photo, some googling on the name might provide it. There are some things I like in it, the old gas pump for one. What is interesting to me is that the gas pump is there but everything you see is horse pulled.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

What is it?

This is not a contest, I couldn't declare a winner because I don't know what it is. It came out of an album and has a postcard back. There are things that make me think it is a military item and other things that make me think its some kind of farm machinery.

The album it came from had some nice military type pictures in it ( the picture of the lewis gun if you've been with me awhile). Unfortunately it was one of those albums where the owner didn't write any descriptions. After all they knew what it was. Be glad to hear any good ideas though.

Whatever it was it obviously had seen better days.

Friday, September 4, 2009

More Cheesecake

Not from the same album as the two yesterday but the same theme. Two attractive ladies in swimwear apparently on a somewhat chilly day. This one came from a nice lady who sells on ebay. I say nice lady not because she sometimes looks in on this blog but because she does seem to be a very nice lady.
The pic is great, added by the note from the girl with the check over her head as she sent it to a relative.
" This picture is really the snake's eye-tooth, but as you are both related to me I'm sending it along so's you can see my new bathing suit. It was taken outside our tent. Only hope it passes the censor."
So scandalous, I love it, passing the censor and that phrase "snakes eye tooth" is a new one on me.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

26 Caddy

Another from the same source as the last post. To give a little variety I'll get back to some snapshots for a bit after this one although I have plenty more of these and I like them so it will return. I have some nice vintage snapshots on the way and some do happen to be of automobiles as well. We took our van in this week because the service engine light was on and turned out that was just some electrical problem that didn't need to be fixed unless we wanted to part with around $700 which we didn't. Of course the mechanic still found enough other items to make it around $280 to get it back. I trust the guy but I can always count on him to find something that needs to be fixed. I myself was never much of an auto mechanic but back when I was a teenager you pretty much had an idea what was going on, how the internal combustion engine worked and what might be wrong with it when there was something. Anymore though with the computer running everything I think most of us are pretty much at the mercy of our favorite professional.