Monday, March 8, 2010


Another photo that came out of the same album as the man with the bycycle. OOPs, forgot to turn it before posting. I'll turn it and edit later, in the mean time turn your monitor on its side and enjoy, heck nobody looks at this stuff anyway.


  1. Ah, David - you are so wrong. Somebody looks at your pictures (besides you, of course). I know I look forward to your blog entries - though I must say that I would think that the ARTIST on your other site should know if the recent entry was early morning or late evening.

    Anyhow - keep up the good work and great pictures. Even sideways they are appreciated. Just don't put them in upside down..... :^)


  2. Thanks Mike, just fixed this one and should have some more over the next week. I admit I have trouble keeping up with my own blog reading. The last one on your wonderful blog I completely read was Marguerite Clark and as usual it was great. I will get caught up soon.